3D design and modelling

3D design and modelling is the process of creating and modifying spatial objects in a computer environment. Objects that are designed or modified by us using 3D graphic software are prepared in the format requested by the client. They also meet the technical requirements needed for 3D printing.

The starting point for our work in the 3D environment can be:

  • a ready-made project file which can be prepared for 3D printing or modified according to customer specifications;
  • an existing object that we can scan and then modify, or reconstruct its missing elements;
  • a conceptual sketch, technical drawing or customer guidelines, based on which we will design a 3D model.

3D design and modelling services at 3DFrog have been organised to meet the needs of businesses, including manufacturing industry, medical equipment manufacturers, and private individuals (researchers, inventors, hobbyists, etc.).

Contact us to see how we can help you prepare your 3D models.