About us

The combination of “Art and technology” is inspiring for us, and is our motto. Nowadays designers, constructors and artists have the opportunity to create any piece of art themselves, imagination the only limit. Thanks to 3D technology almost everyone can bring his or her idea to life and test it in real life conditions, at its original size, in action.

From a passion for art – from a love of technology

3DFrog is a company created by a team of people for whom art and technology are the greatest inspiration. We are graduates of the Academy of Arts who are qualified in industrial design. We have a great deal of professional experience which we have been using since 1999, and thanks to the wide range of devices that we employ, we can design any type of a 3D object for you.

We offer these professional services:

Thanks to the wide range of devices that we use, we can design any 3D object for you.

We work in cooperation with:

  • factories involved in small-scale production, ancillary production and prototyping,
  • designers,
  • architects,
  • collectors,
  • restorers of old cars and antiques,
  • dentists,
  • medical industry,
  • Institutional customers – parishes, schools, universities, museums, and scientific institutions,
  • a range of companies interested in creating personalized gadgets,
  • Individual customers – students, people who’d like to create a gift for their loved ones.

Why are we trustworthy?

Finding specialists in 3D modelling, printing and scanning is the key to success in every project. By entrusting your project to us, you can rely on our:

  • many years of experience,
  • robust technical facilities,
  • advanced machinery stock,
  • advice on choosing the right technology,
  • free, individual price estimates for your projects,
  • favourable discounts and free shipping for regular customers and larger orders.

In order for us to be able to prepare the quotation for the 3D service, please send us a request and/or a 3D file, using the contact form.