Advanced 3D scanning

skan 3D śląsk

3D scanning is one of the fastest and most precise means of transferring real-life, 3D objects to the virtual world. 3DFrog’s 3D scanning services are provided by the Artec Spider portable scanner, which:

  • reates a virtual 3D model that faithfully reflects not only the geometry of the scanned item, but also its texture and colour,
  • enables scanning of both small details and large objects, such as cars, machines and even whole buildings,
  • as a result of scanning, a file with the appropriate parameters for a finalised 3D model for further processing or printing is made.

The modern, innovative equipment, on which we work, allows objects to be scanned
directly at the location indicated by the Customer, or at our premises, while scanning accuracy is up to 50 microns.

Accurate 3D scans – we support many industries

Precise 3D scanning is a technology that is already used by:

  • industry – fast and cheap design, prototyping (also movable), reverse engineering,
  • museums – virtual museums, digitisation of museum objects, cataloguing and archiving,
  • architecture – archiving of layout and appearance of buildings, creation of models, preparation of CAD models based on 3D scans,
  • modelling, collecting, hobbies – in reconstruction or the reconstruction of damaged or lost items, or objects without any documentation.
    technical applications, for example, in restoration of unique elements for vintage cars,
  • medicine – orthopaedics, plastic surgery, dentistry – e.g. for the formation of anatomical models and models of prosthetics, orthodontic devices, implants,
  • media, the film industry, games and computer animations – for example, to give a virtual character the facial features of famous people, such as actors.
  • everyday life – scans of damaged, cracked or chipped valuables, reconstruction and reproduction of unique items, such as remote control’s cover, part’s of a child’s favourite toy, family memorabilia, as well as unique gifts – for example, scanning of a human figure to print a figurine or a bust.

It is not possible to list all the applications of the 3D scanner – we are constantly discovering new possibilities! Contact us and order a scan you need.