Price list 3D printing

We provide our clients with an individual valuation of 3D printing services. We calculate each order individually after receiving files from the client. Below are some examples to show the possible costs of the order.

Printing costs depend on many factors, such as:

  • shape of the object,
  • complexity of the subject,
  • print time,
  • print size,
  • the amount of filling,
  • layer thickness,
  • type of material.

Used technologies compared to the cost of 3D printing

The type of used technology also has an impact on the costs of 3D printing.

Approximate prices of prints divided into technologies:

Minimum Price:100 PLN
Other materials priced individually.

Minimum price:40 PLN
Other materials priced individually.

Minimum price:30 PLN
Time of printing:30 PLN
Other materials priced individually.

Additional information about 3D printing costs

  • we enable price negotiations with larger orders, we offer attractive discounts for students and regular customers, all prices of 3D prints are given in net amounts, VAT should be added in the amount of 23%,
  • before the start of the order, a prepayment – 50% of the price of 3d printing and 3D scanning while personal collection or a prepayment – 100% while sending to the customer,
  • shipping costs (depending on the size of the printout) are: GLS courier – 20 PLN, InPost courier – 14 PLN, Parcel locker – 11 PLN, InPost mini-bag – 8 PLN,
  • • for larger projects and permanent cooperation, free shipping.

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